Birth Stories

Andrea’s Birth (first baby, waterbirth, birth center)

Anna’s First Birth (first baby, waterbirth, Greenville Memorial, midwives, hypnosis)

Anna’s Unexpected Homebirth (hypnosis, quick birth)

Annilie’s Birth (Greer Memorial, quick birth)

Arden’s Birth (homebirth, waterbirth, Hatched)

Ashley’s Birth (First baby, Birth center transfer to hospital)

Arthur’s Birth (Homebirth)

Aurora’s Birth (First baby, Homebirth, Hypnobabies)

Amber’s First Birth (First baby, Greenville Memorial Hospital, midwives, Hypnobabies)

Bella Rose’s Birth (First baby, Birth Center)

Beth’s Birth (I-can’t-decide-hospital-or-birth-center, waterbirth, Hypnobabies)

Blythe’s Birth (Hospital, Greenville Midwifery Care, Prisma)

Brady’s Second Birth (Homebirth)

Brady’s Third Birth (Hospital-no-wait-a-minute-changed-my-mind homebirth)

Brandy’s First Birth (dad-catch, Greenville Memorial, Hypnobabies)

Bri’s VBAC (homebirth)

Briana’s Birth: Dad View (first baby, induction, midwives, Greenville Memorial)

Briana’s Birth: Mom View 

Brooke’s Birth Video (First Baby, Greenville Midwifery Care)

Burgess’s Birth (First baby, Homebirth, Waterbirth)

Cadence’s Birth (First baby, Hypnobirth, Family doc, Greer Memorial)

Cait’s Birth (First baby, Parkside, Patewood)

Caroline’s Birth (A nurse’s super quick homebirth)

Caroline’s Birth Video (homebirth)

Carter’s Birth (First baby, Birth Center)

Celia Jane’s Birth (VBAC, Greenville Midwifery Care)

Chelsea’s and Megan’s Birth (First birth, Homebirth, Waterbirth, Hatched Midwifery)

Chelsea’s Birth (Challenging presentation, Greenville Midwifery Care, Hospital)

Chelsea and Nick (First baby, Homebirth, Paris Mtn Midwifery, Waterbirth)

Cherie’s Birth (Homebirth, Paris Mtn Midwifery, Waterbirth)

Cierra’s Birth (Birth Center, Waterbirth)

Courtney’s Birth (homebirth, midwives)

Danielle’s Two Births (homebirth)

Dax’s Birth (homebirth, waterbirth)

Duncan’s Birth (homebirth, waterbirth, midwives)

Elenia’s Birth (First baby, OB, GHS)

Elijah’s Birth (first baby, hypnobirth, family doc, Greer Memorial)

Eloise Quinn’s Birth (first baby, birth center, fast!)

Emilia’s Birth (homebirth, waterbirth, midwives)

Erin’s Birth (first baby, Greenville Midwifery Care, change of plans)

Family-Centered Planned Cesarean (Greer Memorial)

Flo’s Birth Story: Dad’s View (waterbirth, Wellborn, midwives, first baby, homebirth)

Flo’s Birth Story: Mom’s View (waterbirth, Wellborn, midwives, first baby, homebirth)

Georgia’s Birth:  An OB’s natural birth (Greenville Memorial, waterbirth, Hypnobabies)

Grady’s Birth (first baby, waterbirth, birth center)

Harlow’s Birth (homebirth, waterbirth, midwives)

Haley’s First Birth (Greenville Memorial, waterbirth)

Heather’s Birth (induction, hypnosis, Patewood Hospital)

Holly’s Birth (First Baby, Greenville Midwifery Care)

Homebirth Story told by a Dad

Homebirth Story (First Baby)

Hospital Story told by a Dad (Greenville Memorial, waterbirth)

Jenni’s Surprise Homebirth (unassisted birth, Hypnobabies)

Jill’s Birth Story (homebirth, waterbirth, Hatched midwives)

Jordan’s Birth Story (first baby, Greenville Memory, waterbirth, midwives)

Karina’s Unexpected Homebirth (hypnosis, midwives)

Karla’s Birth (homebirth)

Kat’s Birth (first baby, midwives, long labor, hospital)

Kit’s Birth (first baby, prodromal labor, birth center)

Kelley’s Birth (first baby, birth center)

Keren’s Homebirth (Challenging birth, third baby)

Keren’s Homebirth (Video only, fourth baby)

A Labor and Delivery Nurse’s First Baby (Mission Hospital, Induction)

Layne’s Birth (first baby, waterbirth, birth center)

Lela’s Birth (first baby, birth center)

Lindsay’s Birth Story (first baby, homebirth, midwife)

Lindsay’s 2nd  Birth Story (homebirth, waterbirth, midwife)

Maddy’s Birth (first baby, homebirth, waterbirth, midwife)

Maureen’s Birth (Surrogacy, Midwives, Greenville Memorial)

Maureen’s 2nd Birth (Surrogacy, Midwives, Greenville Memorial)

Megan’s Birth (first baby, homebirth, waterbirth, midwives)

Meredith’s VBAC Waterbirth (Greenville Memorial Hospital, midwives, Hypnobabies)

Melissa’s Birth (First baby, Greer, Family Doc, Hypnobabies)

Melissa’s VBAC birth (waterbirth, Greenville Memorial, midwives)

Moira’s Completely Comfortable Hospital Birth (First time Mom, Hypnobabies, links to external content)

My Birth #1: Norah (Bradley Childbirth, birth center, first baby)

My Birth # 2: Leaf (sensitive, birth loss)

My Birth #3:  Cedar (Homebirth, Hypnobabies)

Natalie’s Birth (waterbirth, hospital)

Nikki’s Birth (induction, Greenville Memorial, midwives, first baby)

Nimbus’s Birth (homebirth, first baby, midwives, Hatched)

Noelle’s Homebirth (first baby, posterior)

Noelle’s 2nd Homebirth (as told by her sister)

Norie’s Birth (first birth, Greer memorial, family doc, Hypnobabies)

Norie’s 2nd Birth (Homebirth, Hypnobabies)

Norie’s 3rd Birth (Homebirth)

Olivia’s Birth Video (Prisma Greenville Memorial, Greenville Midwifery Care, Waterbirth, Hypnosis)

Owen’s Birth (first baby, birth center)

Photographer’s Birth Perspective (Greenville Memorial, hypnosis, dad-catch, midwives)

Rachael’s Birth (first baby, homebirth)

Rachel and Luke’s Birth Video (first baby, homebirth)

Rachel’s Waterbirth (first baby, birth center)

Reagan’s Birth (first baby, oops, car birth!) 

Rosie’s Birth (birth center, waterbirth)

Rosie Joy’s Birth (first baby, homebirth, waterbirth)

Rowan’s Birth (homebirth, midwives, hypnosis, waterbirth)

Roxanne’s Birth (waterbirth, birth center)

Sanford’s Birth (Greenville Memorial, midwives)

Sarah Jo’s Birth (car birth, oops, NICU nurse)

Savannah Grace’s Birth (unplanned homebirth)

Scottie’s Birth (GHS midwives, hospital, first-time mom)

Stephanie’s VBAC Birth (posterior baby, Greenville Memorial, midwives)

Theo’s Birth (homebirth, waterbirth, Paris Mtn Midwifery)

Tori’s Homebirth (first baby)

William Odin’s Birth (birth center, Greenville Midwifery Care)

VBAC at Greer Memorial (from doula’s perspective)

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