IMG_c4836I’m a doula and educator serving the upstate region of SC (Greenville, Anderson, Seneca, Pickens, and Spartanburg).

My births taught me to trust my body and to overcome fear.  They taught me to own my decisions and to be courageous.

Your birth is your own and I’m there to support you in your decisions.

The best birth is one in which a woman feels respected, supported, and heard.

I support women desiring:

  • natural birth
  • planned cesarean
  • medicated birth
  • homebirth
  • hospital birth

Contact me for current availability and to schedule a free consult.

Now the important stuff:

I think tacos and okra pickles are God’s gift to the world.

My special talent is finding four-leaf clovers.  It’s not an especially helpful talent and no, I’m not particularly lucky.  Still, if you see me walking across a patch of clover, you can bet I’m scanning the ground.

I own a sleek sea kayak named Betsy, a bike named Patchouli, and a SUP board who is still waiting her name.  We all need more time together.

When I read aloud to the kids, I often cry.  Especially history and this book.  The girls just roll their eyes.

I keep track of the songs babies are born to.

I loathe typos.  If you find one on my website and tell me about it, I’ll send you a virtual hug and a discount code.

But I adore bloopers so I keep an entire page dedicated to mine.

Growing up, I wanted to be a surgeon in the Congo.  I was second-year pre-med before I realized how much I hated precision.  I switched to English Literature and got lost in poetry.

I think doula work is a lot like poetry.

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