Mindful Birth Classes

This series is my favorite to teach!  It is full of joy, play, and expectation. And the best thing about Mindful Birth is that each series is different.  This isn’t a canned program; rather it is a creative and innovative conversation between the instructor and students.  I hope you’ll join the conversation!


Mindful Birth is a 6 week series that grew organically from the private classes I created for individuals.  I’ve been teaching this series since 2009.  It is appropriate for women choosing home, birth center, or hospital birth; medicated or unmedicated.  Expectant women may attend alone or with their partner/friend/doula.  The defining philosophy behind this series is that attitude and expectation are key to having a positive birth experience.  Giving partners confidence to actively engage in their birth is also a high-value priority. The classes are 3 hours each and meet weekly.  The series breaks down like this:

Class 1:  A Healthy Pregnancy for a Healthy Birth (nutrition, exercise, positive story, affirmations)
Class 2:  How Birth Works (physiology of normal birth, hormones of labor, signs and stages)
Class 3:  Informed Decision-Making and Variations of Birth (labor dystocia, prodromal labor, interventions, informed consent)
Class 4:  Celebrating and Enjoying Your Birth (an overview and practice of many coping techniques, partner role and support)
Class 5:  Planning for Your Birthplace (understanding options of chosen birthplace, birth plans, packing a birth bag)
Class 6:  Comprehensive Review and Mindful Postpartum


You will receive two books as part of the series:  Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn by Penny Simkin and Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin.

Classes meet on Thursdays at Greenville Midwifery Care from 6pm-9pm.


Ready to register?  Click here to select your series dates and make your 75.00 deposit which reserves space for you and your partner.  The final balance of 200.00 is due at the first class.  You may use an HSA/FSA card for payment.

Still have questions?  Check out the FAQs