Local Resources in Upstate, SC

Birth/Breastfeeding Photographer:  Jen Conway Photography.  Jen photographed my sister’s birth and she is an incredible addition to the birth team. I’ve also done some births with Kaitlyn Waters and Leslie Lowe of Green & Grey. Find the style that matches you!

Newborn Photographer:  Life Prints by Tracie  Check out my newborn photosMy Heart’s Desire Photography is also amazing!

Massage:  Blissful Massage Therapy.  I saw Natalie several times during my own pregnancy and she is incredibly skilled.  Not only did she nurture my body, she nurtured my spirit.  I also love the care with which she selects the products she uses.  Hoorah for no parabens!

Chiropractor: Jared Dreckman is located in Simpsonville.  Jenny Malkiel, Jenna Titcombe,  and Megan Afshar.  All are certified in the Webster Technique for pregnancy and are excellent with babies.

Certified Professional Midwife for Homebirth Care:  Carrie Craft with Hatched at Home or Linda Weaver/Irena Freystaetter with Labors of Love.

Certified Nurse Midwife for Homebirth/Well Woman Care: Paris Mountain Midwifery or Genesis Birth and Wellness. 

Birth Centers: Genesis Birth and Wellness and Labors of Love

Hospital Midwife:  Greenville Midwifery Care offers amazing care at Greenville Memorial Hospital. They even offer a waterbirth option! Their statistics for vaginal birth and VBAC are fantastic.

Postpartum Support:  Are you struggling with postpartum depression, anxiety, baby blues or other challenges? Reproductive Journey Counseling and Support have a variety of services available.

Playgroup:  Hike It Baby offers multiple hikes per week in the upstate ranging from urban strolls to challenging climbs.  They will never leave a hiker behind.

Cloth Diaper Information:  Greenville Cloth Diaper Group offers online support plus buy/sell.

Babywearing:  Upstate Babywearers provides online support and monthly meetings.

Breastfeeding Support:  Nourish: Integrative Lactation and Wellness offers home or office visits, monthly feed and weighs/support, and breastfeeding classes. Insurance coverage available.

Disclosure:  I only make recommendations based on my (or in some cases, my client’s) personal experience with services.  I do not receive anything in return for listing a provider.