Additional Classes

Hypnobabies: a 6-session comprehensive childbirth series with a focus on self-hypnosis for birth. Learn more.

Baby Blueprint Classes:  a 6-session series to prepare you for life with a baby.  Includes infant sleep, postpartum, newborn care, breastfeeding, parenting on a budget, solid-feeding, and more. Excellent for group classes.  Can be taught as a private series. Learn about the upcoming virtual class.

2-hour Childbirth Crash Course–This class is for the couple that is absolutely stretched for time.  I do not recommend this class for most couples but offer it as a better-than-nothing option!  Also works as a refresher course.  Taught in your home.

4-hour Childbirth Course–Generally taught in two sessions, this class is customized to your needs.  Taught in your home.

Private Mindful Birth Childbirth Class–A comprehensive 6-session course taught in your home.  Includes all the same materials as a group Mindful Birth class. Flexible scheduling available. Children can be present during this course.

Private Hypnobabies Childbirth Class–A comprehensive 6-session course taught in your home.  Includes the same materials as a group Hypnobabies class.  Flexible scheduling available.

Positive Discipline for Toddlers and Preschoolers:  As a certified positive discipline educator, I offer group classes for parents.  This class can be taught as a single workshop (2-3 hours) or as a series.

The following 1-hour classes are available for groups or individuals (can be combined): 

  • Cloth Diapering 101
  • Babywearing Basics
  • Infant Sleep and Nighttime Parenting
  • The First 6 Weeks Postpartum
  • Going Green in the Nursery
  • Intro to Breastfeeding
  • Creating a Mindful Gift Registry
  • Basic Newborn Care
  • Options for Solid-Feeding
  • Parenting the First Year

Postpartum Care:  customized to your needs, limited overnight care is available