BlissbornYou want a calm, natural birth and you know that with the right support, you’re capable…
but you’re nervous about pain or losing control in labor.

You may have never thought about using hypnosis before…You might not even really understand what hypnosis is…

Blissborn can help!

Before your labor starts, you find that you’re actually excited about labor and birth. You feel prepared and confident. You understand the process and you are very sure about what you want and why. You have been doing your homework, which is all about relaxing, deeply and profoundly, and you feel great. You have tools and information.

When your labor starts it is slow and easy and you feel deeply connected to your partner. Your partner knows exactly how to help, and you move around, feeling relaxed and at ease. Things move quickly. As labor progresses you find your rhythm. You often look like you’re sleeping. You’re not asleep, though–you are in control, present, and deeply relaxed. In fact, you’re so relaxed that your muscles work together, efficiently and easily. You are mostly comfortable and you feel calm. You can open your eyes and move around and smile. In less than six hours of active labor, your baby is born. You feel energetic and connected to your body, your baby, and your partner. Your baby is calm and alert and healthy. You feel empowered. You are proud and happy and all is right with the world. Everyone is ecstatic, smiling, calm, and happy.

Does this sound good?
This is a typical Blissborn labor.

As a certified Blissborn Hypnosis Childbirth Instructor, I offer a childbirth education class to students in the Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, and Pickens area.  Group classes are typically held in Greenville.  Private classes are held in the comfort of your own home.  If you pull together a class of at least three couples that you would like me to teach in your home, I will provide a discount for your class fee.

Even without the hypnosis component which provides for a comfortable birthing, the classes are beneficial in their comprehensive childbirth information. Topics include birth positions, nutrition, exercise, stages of labor, informed consent, and more!

You’ll receive a tote bag of materials including a 200+ page manual. This will be your go to guide! Packed with information about your pregnancy and birth, hypnosis, your baby, your body, your mind … it’s well-organized and fun to read, and full of footnoted and evidence-based information.

You also receive 6 practice recordings: one for each class, plus a bonus recording for labor. Practice with a recording about 20 minutes a day to become an expert at instantly getting into that relaxed state–the more you practice the better you get! Everyone can do it!

The classes are offered in 3 hour sessions weekly for 5 weeks.

You can make your deposit for an upcoming series here.

Or try out a sample 10-minute Blissborn hypnosis download for free! Joyful Pregnancy