Karina’s Unexpected Unassisted Birth (First Baby)

Our baby boy arrived on 28th of October (2 days before the due date).

I woke up around 8:00am – 8:30am and started to have frequent contractions (every 2-3 min); first contractions were about 20 seconds, then gradually became 40 sec. At night I simply had a feeling like my period is about to start. I guess these were very mild contractions. 🙂

We contacted our Midwife around 9- 9:30 am and she recommended we do a few exercises during the contractions to ease up on pain, after which my water broke and mucus got out at once.

Peter prepared the birth bath and added warm water. After about 5 pushes Peter saw our baby’s hair. At 11:50 am Peter received our baby boy by himself and our midwife arrived 5 min after we gave birth. 🙂

So she helped us to do the rest; pushing out the placenta and clamping the umbilical cord which Peter had the honor to cut.

I would say that for me the most difficult part in the labor was handling the contractions vs pushing and delivering the baby.

So the whole process from the moment we started having the constructions took us 3-4 hours.

I also had to have few stitches due to such a fast delivery. But all is well and I’m recovering.

Thanks to your course we were prepared for our home water birth and Peter did really well.
After birth, all the home tasks are also done by Peter, exactly as you were recommending. 🙂

Our baby boy Evan, also says THANK YOU.