Homebirth Story told by a Dad

Isaac’s Birth Story

– From Dad’s point of view

Isaac’s story starts a little later than we anticipated.  Since Blake was born a week early we expected about the same for Isaac.  Because we decided not to find out what the baby was we picked out a name for each gender: Jacob or Lindsey.  We used the name ‘Jellybean’ since we didn’t know which was correct.Beginning a week before the due date we started each day with the question of ‘will Jellybean come today?’ I spent nearly two weeks on edge when Jenni called me at work, just anticipating the ‘come home NOW’ call.  Blake’s birth was so quick and everyone says the first one is the longest.  I remember being nervous about Jenni going to work or going out in public and not being able to get home in time.  We made it thru the week just prior to Jellybean’s expected birth date.  The expected big day had come and Jenni wanted to go all the way to Clemson for breakfast.  Of course we submitted to her cravings and made the nerve-wracking (for me) trip. Luckily, no Jellybeans at IHOP. We also decided that morning to change the boy name from Jacob to Isaac (although we never told anyone ha ha).

The actual birth started the night of Wednesday the 18th into the early morning hours of the 19th.  Jenni started to feel and remember the distinct stretching sensation of pressure waves sporadically throughout the night. We were awake at 5 that morning and spent nearly two hours of on-and-off trying to decide if I should go to work that day or plan on a half day or stay  home.  We finally decided that I’d stay home and I’m glad we did.  I called our midwife and updated her of the current status of pressure waves lasting 35-45 seconds long yet no pattern between them.  Jenni also contacted Tiffiney [birth photographer]; we felt bad because she had to postpone two of her appointments that morning and we weren’t even sure when Jellybean was coming.  We tried to continue the day as normal, telling Jellybean to at least wait till after 8:15 when Papa Jim was picking Blake up to take him to speech, then spend the day with him.

Blake’s birth was unexpected and wonderfully private therefore we were a little sneaky with Jellybean’s birth as we wanted the same private time with our new little one before any visit requests began.  I hid my car out in the hayfield so that when Papa Jim came it would appear as if I was at work like a normal day.  Jenni and I went for a nice long walk and began using the iPad app to track pressure waves.  We began to see a pattern and they were getting closer and closer together.  I called the midwife again to give an update and we agreed I would call her back in 15 minutes and decide when she should come.  She called back a few minutes later and said she was going to go ahead and come. I’m glad she did. Shortly after that, Tiffiney arrived and by that time the pressure waves were averaging 3 mins apart and were pretty strong.  Jenni found most relief down on her hands and knees in the floor.  I applied pressure to her tailbone and supported her upper body to help.   I gave her affirmations but it seemed like the peace cue [Hypnobabies] was the most effective. Jenni was craving chocolate so she munched on M&M’s between pressure waves.  Tiffiney found this amusing and pointed out that you only get ice chips at the hospital.

At this point things seemed to progress quickly and time was racing by.  Jenni began asking for the midwife and when she was going to get here.  Luckily she was in town and only a few minutes away.  When the midwife arrived Jenni immediately asked if she could get in the tub so we started the water.  We think God must have put a little extra flow in thewater pipes that day because normally it takes forever to fill the tub but by the next pressure wave it was ready.  Jenni moved to the tub and I joined in behind her to continue support.  Reminding Jenni that her body knew what to do and trust her instincts, she began pushing.  Before I knew it our little Jellybean was here! The midwife helped him straight to Jenni’s chest and he was so beautiful!  He was born at 2:10pm. We just held him a couple minutes before even peaking to see if he was an Isaac or a Lindsey. Then at last, the moment everyone has been waiting for since our 20 week sonogram.  Jellybean is a sweet beautiful healthy baby BOY!!!


When Jenni was ready, she moved to the bed to begin nursing Isaac and deliver the placenta.  The midwife showed us the parts of the placenta and the ‘tree of life’.  Hindsight, I wish we would have gotten a picture of the tree so that Jenni could have seen it better. I cut the cord and we measured and weighed Isaac.  He was 8lbs and 21 inches long.  Shortly thereafter, everyone left and Jenni and I were alone with our new baby boy.  We cherished the moment and relaxed a little before announcing his birth to family and friends.  It was exciting to introduce Blake to his new baby brother.  Blake adores him and was so excited to hold him for the first time and kiss his little head.

I’m very proud of Jenni. She knew exactly what kind of birth she wanted, and so did her body.  She remained focused on the baby throughout the entire process and we had the quick yet intimate birth we hoped for.  I was a little concerned the intimacy would be spoiled with Tiffiney there but she was so courteous and really stayed out of sight.  Although I did catch her out of the corner of my eye a couple times standing on the toilet and on the corner of the tub which made me laugh. She did a wonderful job capturing the special moments in a way we can relive them over and over again.

As I read over what I have written I realize that words just cannot portray the experience of this birth. Blake’s birth came quickly and we were blind to the telltale signs that Blake was on his way.  With Isaac, the pregnancy sped by until the last couple weeks as anticipation built because we knew the signs we were waiting for.  I found myself a little anxious, wondering if the birth could possibly be as quick and easy as Blake’s was.  Admittedly, we did not keep up with the birth scripts asregularly as we did the first time and I was concerned that might make the birth more difficult. That fear was foolish.  Once we decided that morning that I was going to stay home I knew Jellybean’s birthing day was here.  I left all that anxiety at the end of the driveway when we went for our walk.  This birth was very different than the first yet somehow it was still had the intimacy of just Jenni and I experiencing it together.  I think the knowledge we had this time of the process helped us to be relaxed.   I wish there were words to capture our moment in such a way that it would empower others to desire the same experience.


(All photos courtesy of Tiffiney Photography.  Find her on Facebook or www.tiffineyphotography.com)

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