Nikki’s Birth (first baby)

I went in for my 39 week appointment and it looked like my belly wasn’t quite measuring where it should be, and fluid felt lower than normal. Ben and I went in for an ultrasound the next morning and found out that my amniotic fluid was too low, and that everything looked ok right now but things could turn quickly at this point. So they suggested we schedule an induction that same day. We went to follow up with the midwives (checked and I was already 3.5cm dilated), and they gave the same recommendation so we went home, packed bags, took a nap, and headed to Memorial. I was scared that baby might not be doing well, and felt nervous for what was to come. We prayed and tried to stay calm and positive.

3:30 pm – pitocin drip started. We had some friends and family visit over the next few hours, and I got sleep in between visits and after visitors left.

7:30 pm – start feeling contractions. Still able to sleep with them.

1:20 am – contractions suddenly intensify. Julie and my mom head our way.

3:00 am – 6-7 cm dilated. Move to labor room with tub. Took out pitocin drip and got in the tub. Contractions slow down a little. Moved to a birthing ball in the shower – contractions picked up again but still not progressing very quickly.


5:30 am – at this point, Julie and Sam (midwife) suggest breaking my bag if waters. I feel very tired and like I won’t be able to find the strength to go to transition. I feel afraid of what is coming. I consider an epidural. But I feel it would slow things down and I want to get to the end – I know that sleep and meeting baby boy are close within reach. Julie reassures me and says that we are coming to the point of surrender. I pray for the strength to get there.

6:00 am – broke bag of waters (9cm dilated) and got in tub. Slow progression; contractions do not intensify.

7:15 am – hooked back up to pitocin to encourage contractions. I stay standing as much as I can, moving my hips and encouraging the process.

8:00 am – Julie has me lay on my side in bed and puts a peanut yoga ball between my legs. Whoa! Move towards transition quickly. Pushed on bed with Ben was holding one leg and Julie another. Had them, my mom, Susan (midwife), and 3 nurses as my cheer team – watching with smiles and telling me I was getting so close and could do it. Baby’s head kept wanting to come through but couldn’t quite make it. His heart rate started to slow down with contractions, so Susan made a small episiotomy and after more pushes baby’s head came out in one big push with Susan gently maneuvering. Then the rest of his body in another push. His fist was resting just at his chin, which is why his head was having a hard time coming all the way through.

Ezra David, born May 16th at 9:57 am. 7lbs 2oz, 20.75” long.


Had you put me in a room by myself, maybe I could’ve gotten there. But I am so thankful for the support team I had – especially Ben. He was so kind to all staff there, and so kind to me. He never took a break from my side and was a calming and positive presence. What a gift to go through this experience together with him.

Born to “Come to Him” by Josh Garrels (4 lines, now remembering every day through the learning curve and sleepless nights – Joy shall be the crown)

Come to Him with all your heart
Come and lay your burdens down
For peace He came to give
And joy shall be the crown