Lela’s Birth

On the morning of our 9 year anniversary I lost my mucus plug at 12 am exactly. I labored with Bridget until around 2:30am then we let my mom and Aunt Rachel know. Pressure waves were about 2-3 mins apart so we went to the birth center around 4:45 am.

Our midwife, Susan, met us at the center to get us settled in with Jazna the nurse. Another midwife, Samantha, came as they had another mother come into the center around the same time. We labored until around 6:30am when we got in the tub. Lela made her grand entrance at 8:25 AM. She was 6 lbs 6 oz & was 21 inches long. The best experience I could have asked for thanks to Hypnobabies!!!! All natural and no tearing.