Noelle’s Mother-Centered Celebration

You might remember that my sister was one of the fabulous four who threw a celebration for me last summer.

I wish every expectant woman was given a Mother-Centered Celebration during her pregnancy.  We don’t have enough rituals surrounding the transitions in our lives.

For Noelle’s celebration, I chose a few special rituals to honor her.

Each guest brought a bead to be made into a birth bracelet for Noelle during Asher’s birth.  Everyone had such amazing beads!  My mom made a pendant containing beads that belonged to her, her mother, and her grandmother.  Noelle’s mother-in-law found a fantastic bead featuring a babywearing mama.  One friend gave Noelle a bead from a necklace she bought during their first overseas mission trip.  Take a look at the gorgeous bracelet.

Each of us also wrapped an ankle or wrist in a Mothercord.  We’ll wear this cord until Asher is born; each woman using the cord to remind her to pray for Noelle’s birth.

I had Noelle’s mom and her mother-in-law each braid a side of her hair.  In the back, I joined the two braids with a hydrangea flower from our grandmother’s garden.  Our grandmother is no longer living and I wish I’d asked her more about her own births.  I know that she had all her children at home except her last born, my mother.


I set up a table for an art project.  Each guest was invited (ok, ordered) to participate.  They were to create a piece of art called “Becoming Mother” as a gift for Noelle.

Finally, my talented friend, Katy, henna’d Noelle’s feet.  She also graciously gave each guest a small henna tattoo as a reminder of Noelle’s birth and transition into motherhood.  The henna work was my favorite part of the blessingway.

   Now, we wait for sweet baby Asher.