Hypnobabies for the Glucose Screening Test

I received this email from one of my Hypnobabies students and she gave permission to blog it:

Just wanted to share with you my success story of the week. I had to have blood drawn for the blood sugar test.

I am terrified of needles. I always bruise and I am sore. I also have panic attacks and cry afterwards, feel nauseous and dizzy. So I put off going all day.

So I decided that I would use my Hypnobabies techniques before and during having my blood drawn. I used my middle switch as soon as I got back there and then I used my “Peace” word and ran the script of my blood sugar will be normal as they drew vials of blood.

To my amazement I felt nothing but pressure, not even a prick!!! It felt just like my husband applying pressure to my arm [something we practice in class].  I had no panic attack and I felt wonderful afterwards as if nothing had even happened. I didn’t have any bruising and NO soreness. My husband always worries over me when I come out and this time when I came out I was smiling and so happy. He was so proud of me and I was proud of myself.

It was just the boost of confidence I needed to know that I can control how my body interprets what I feel.

Isn’t that fantastic?